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Sample Articles

James C. Miller, Communal Identity in PhilippiansASE 27/2 (2010) 11-23

Ekkehard Stegemann, Did Something Go Wrong in the Beginning? ASE 29/1 (2012) 7-19

Jason David BeDuhn, The Myth of Marcion as Redactor: The Evidence of “Marcion’s” Gospel Against an Assumed Marcionite Redaction. ASE 29/1 (2012) 21-48

Mara Rescio – Luigi Walt, “There Is Nothing Unclean”: Jesus and Paul against the Politics of Purity? ASE 29/2 (2012) 53-82


Newsletters on the Historical Jesus

Newsletter n. 1 del Gruppo Italiano di Ricerca sul Gesù storico
ASE 27/2 (2010) 183-184

Newsletter n. 3 del Gruppo Italiano di Ricerca sul Gesù Storico
ASE 29/1 (2012) 175-210


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