ASE 34/1 (2017)

ESEGESI 34/1 (2017)

Early Christianity
History of Ancient and Medieval Exegesis
Judaism and Christianity in Early Modern and Contemporary Times

Year: 2017 (July)
Pages: 288
Format: 140x215x16

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  • Mauro Pesce, Jacob Neusner (28 luglio 1932 – 8 ottobre 2016)
  • Francesco Ubertini, Ricordo di Jacob Neusner
  • Jacob Neusner, Dalla storia alla religione. Un progresso personale

Early Christianity

  • Gerhard van den Heever, The Spectre of a Jewish Baptist Movement. A Space for Jewish Christianity?
  • Andrea Annese, Logion 83 and the “Image” in the Gospel of Thomas: Relationships with Some Pauline and Early Christian Texts
  • Dan Batovici, The Shepherd of Hermas in Recent Scholarship on the Canon: A Review Article

History of Ancient and Medieval Exegesis

  • Mark DelCogliano, Phinehas the Zealot and the Cappadocians: Philo, Origen, and a Family Legacy of Anti-Eunomian Rhetoric
  • Julie Casteigt, Identité du témoin et accomplissement des figures: le modèle de la voix et du Verbe dans la lecture albertienne de Jn 1,19-24

Judaism and Christianity in Early Modern and Contemporary Times

  • Cristiana Facchini, Entangled Histories. A Road Map to Religious Individualization in Early Modern Judaism
  • Wim François, Grace, Free Will, and Predestination in the Biblical Commentaries of Cornelius a Lapide
  • Stefano Villani, Christianus Lazarus Lauria e l’attività della London Society for the Propagation of Christianity among the Jews in Italia

Discussion of Books

  • Daniel Smith, Agnes Choi, Paul Foster, Peter Arzt-Grabner, Sarah Rollens, Giovanni B. Bazzana, Discussion of the books of Sarah Rollens, Framing Social Criticism in the Jesus Movement and of Giovanni Bazzana, Kingdom of Bureaucracy: The Political Theology of Village Scribes in the Sayings Gospel Q


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