ASE Vol. 29/2 (2012)

ESEGESI 29/2 (2012)

Christian Identities. A “New” Old Text (P.Oxy. 5072)

Year: 2013 (January)
Publisher: Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna
Format: 140x215x16
Pages: 256
EAN: 978-88-10-13002-5
Price: € 37.20



Presentazione (M. Pesce). In memoria di Pier Cesare Bori (M. Pesce).

Eine neue alte Erzählung im Rahmen antiker Jesustraditionen: Reste eines Exorzismus auf P.Oxy. lxxvi 5072 (T. Nicklas). The Lawless Pride. Jewish Identity in the Fragments of Eupolemus (D.A. Creech). “There Is Nothing Unclean”: Jesus and Paul against the Politics of Purity? (M. Rescio – L. Walt). Il viaggio celeste in Paolo: un pattern per l’interpretazione di un’esperienza? (M. Tubiana). The Displaced Baptism: Luke 7:29 as the Original Conclusion to Luke 3:10-14 (L) (F. Adinolfi). Memory in Search of Dignity? Construction of Early Christian Identity through Redescribed Traditional Material in the Letter to the Ephesians (E. Mouton). The Role of the Apostles in the Letter of Peter to Philip (B. van Os). Enemies of the (Church and) State: Martyrdom as a Problem for Early Christianity (P. Middleton). I logoi e l’agorà in Giovanni Crisostomo (C. Spuntarelli). Etty Hillesum. La condivisione nel profondo (I. Adinolfi).


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