ASE Vol. 30/1 (2013)

ESEGESI 30/1 (2013)

Biblical Interpretation
Historical Jesus

Year: 2013 (July)
Publisher: Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna
Format: 140x215x18
Pages: 280
EAN: 978-88-10-13003-2
Price: € 37.20


Peter Lampe
Induction as Historiographical Tool: Methodological and Conceptual Reflections on Locally and Regionally Focused Studies

William Tabbernee
Material Evidence for Early Christian Groups during the First Two Centuries C.E.

Thomas J. Kraus
Von Hund und Schwein… Das Doppelsprichwort 2Petr 2,22 und seine Hapax legomena aus linguistischer, textkritischer und motivgeschichtlicher Sicht

Aryeh Kofsky and Serge Ruzer
Anthropology and Soteriology in Theodore of Mopsuestia’s Commentary on John

David Lincicum
Ferdinand Christian Baur and Biblical Theology

Annette Yoshiko Reed, Stanley Jones, Simon Claude Mimouni
Two Books on Jewish-Christianity

Francesca Sofia
Gerusalemme tra Roma e Parigi: Joseph Salvador e le origini del cristianesimo

Osvalda Andrei
Cronologia di Cristo e cronologia di Gesù. Un aspetto della ricerca storica su Gesù (molto) prima di Reimarus

Thomas Kazen, Susannah Heschel, Andries van Aarde, John W. Parrish, Halvor Moxnes
Discussion of the Book of Halvor Moxnes, Jesus and the Rise of Nationalism

Elenco di pubblicazioni sul Gesù storico apparse tra il 2011 e il 2012
(a cura di Federico Adinolfi)


Amanda Kunder
The Reception of Golden Calf Traditions in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (November 14 to 16, 2012 – Loyola University Chicago)



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