ASE 30/2 (2013)

ESEGESI 30/2 (2013)

Early Christian Groups
Texts, Scriptures, and Canons
Religion and Modernity

Year: 2013 (November)
Publisher: Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna
Format: 140x215x18
Pages: 230
Price: € 37.20

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Early Christian Groups

  • William Tabbernee, Material Evidence for Early Christian Groups during the First Two Centuries C.E. (pp. 287-301)

Early Judaism and Early Christianity

  • Michael A. Daise, Processual Modality in Qumran Ritual: Induction into the Counsel of the Yachad in 1QS (pp. 303-315)
  • Trent A. Rogers, The Functions of ὥστε in the New Testament (pp. 317-331)

Texts, Scriptures, and Canons: Three Complementary Approaches

  • Edmondo Lupieri, To Bible or Not to Bible: How on Earth Does a Text Become Scripture? (In Jewish, Christian, and Derived Traditions) (pp. 335-345)
  • John McCarthy, Script to Scripture: Multivalent Textuality (pp. 347-367)
  • Colby Dickinson, Canons and Canonicity: Late Modern Reflections on Cultural and Religious Canonical Texts (pp. 369-392)

Religion and Modernity

  • Cristiana Facchini, Voci ebraiche sulla tolleranza religiosa. Pratiche e teorie nella Venezia barocca (pp. 393-419)
  • Guglielmo Forni Rosa, Antimoderne: le saint Jean-Jacques du premier Maritain (pp. 421-437)

 Biblical Interpretation, Historical Jesus, History of Research

  • Matthew Alan Gaumer, Augustine’s Feud with the Donatists & Pelagians: A Problem of Interpreting Paul? (pp. 439-448) 
  • Viviana Silvia Piciulo, La sommossa silenziosa di Manuel Lacunza (pp. 449-473)

Book Reviews (pp. 475-477)

Books Received (pp. 479-480)


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