ASE Vol. 24/1 (2007)



Identità cristiane in formazione


Presentazione (M. Pesce – E. Lupieri). Parte I. The Emergence of Christianity (F. Bovon). Where Does Luke’s Anti-Judaism Come From? (J.G. Gager). Continuity or Discontinuity Between Jesus and Groups of His Followers Practices of Contact with the Supernatural (A. Destro – M. Pesce). Defining Community-Ethos in Light of the ‘Other’: Recruitment Rhetoric Among Greco-Roman Associations (R.S. Ascough). Resurrection and the Symbolic Construction of Community (C. Setzer). Constructing Early Christian Identities Using Ethnic Reasoning (D. Kimber Buell). Who Are We? Who Are They? Who Am I? Who Are You (Sing.)? Explaining Identity, Social and Individual (B.J. Malina). The Emergence of Early Christianity as a Collective Identity: Pleading for a Shift in the Frame (W. Stegemann). Prototypes, Antitypes and Social Identity in First Clement: Outlining a New Interpretative Model (P.F. Esler). Parte II. Zur näheren Bedeutung der “Götzen(bilder)” in der Apokalypse des Petrus (T.J. Kraus). Aux origines du Roman clémentin: lecture critique de récents travaux et évaluation des enjeux (B. Pouderon). Balaam’s Talking Ass (Num 22,21-35): Three Retellings of Her Story Compared (C.T. Begg). Le public des Questions sur l’Ancien et le Nouveau Testament de l’Ambrosiaster (M.-P. Bussières). Recensioni e segnalazioni. Libri ricevuti. Indici.